Driver's I.C.E. Pack is a glovecompartment-sized handbook that helps all drivers stay in control during emergency situations. For more information visit


How many times have you heard the statement, “I was pulled over by a police officer and didn’t know what to do.” Or, “I was in an accident and didn'’t get the right information.” In emergency situations everyone, no matter how young or old, freezes. When scared or panicked, it is almost impossible to shift gears, begin assessing the situation, and begin gathering the information needed for emergency personnel and insurance companies.

With DRIVER’S I.C.E. PACK™ in your glove compartment, STAYING IN CONTROL DURING EMERGENCY SITUATIONS is just a click away.

Accident Check Lists ∙ Accident Information Forms ∙ Accident Diagramming ∙ Medical Information ∙ Emergency Contacts Getting Pulled Over by an Officer ∙ Driving 101

I.C.E = In Case of Emergency