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September 2013



Spring   2014

Articles with 6S289 are below

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GoodGuys Gazette

October 2015

We love to travel

with 6S289.


September 18, 2017

This issue of Autoweek is dated 50 years plus 46 days after my parents bought 6S289 from Competition  Press & Autoweek on August 3rd, 1967.

Amazing photographer, Morgan Segal ( was chosen by AutoWeek for the story photo shoot. As you can see, Morgan did a great job. I included the photo shoot, photo shoot...

Photos courtesy of Morgan Segal Photography ----------------------------------------------------------

Oh, this is how they get the road shots. I think Morgan was wearing a seatbelt 

Left: The LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER has a cool P.S. note.

Above: I appreciate the photo credit. 

Spell Clothing Photo Shoot

October, 2017

Photos from the Spell Clothing website -----

Good Guys   2019 Muscle Car of the Year Finalist

January, 2020

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