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The photos right below are from August / September 1968 - 6S289 with the family

Current owner

(age 8) and bro

with 6S289

Me and bro

helping dad

before trip

Getting 6S289

ready for our first

trip to Disneyland

Grandma and family

with 6S289 on trip

to Disneyland

Me, mom and

bro with 6S289

at LA museum

6S289 in Santa



I don't sit on

6S289 anymore

like in the photo

6S289 on track at

Infineon Raceway

Me riding in 2011

GT350-MiniNats 2011

6S289 at

Infineon Raceway

6S289 at

Infineon Raceway

Ponies in the


Here are some more photos of 6S289

Click on photos to enlarge

Team Shelby

Memorial Classic

Blackhawk '14

Team Shelby

Blackhawk '14

Best of Show

MiniNats '14

Bob Bondurant

enjoyed ride in 6S289

Photos courtesy of John Prumatico

MiniNats '14

With Bob Bondurant

MiniNats '14

Bob Bondurant

awards car show Best 25

Historics '15

6S289 Joins group of over     40 65-66 GT350s

Shelby Tribute '15-BH

Peter Brock signs 6S289

Shelby Tribute '15-BH GT350s on display

Shelby Tribute '15-BH Award from Peter Brock

Always fun

driving 6S289

Shelby Tribute '15-BH Peter Brock-Daytona Coupe

Shelby Tribute '15-G

Arriving at Gardena

Shelby Tribute '15-G

At Gardena

Shelby Tribute '15-G

65-66s. 6S289 on left

Shelby Tribute '15-G

65-66s. 6S289 in foreground

Cobra Experience '16.

Russ and Marlene - Original owners of 6S289 -

come and visit the car. Always great to see these wonderful folks.

Mini-Nats '16

Allen Grant presents an award for 6S289

Shelbly Tribute '17-BH  

David Friedman, early Staff Photographer for Shelby American, enjoys 6S289

Shelby Tribute "17-BH

6S289 on display

Mini-Nats '17. 6S289 with a group of amazing cars!

Left - Billy Johnson and his wife, Kristy Dawn, with 6S289. Billy was one of the Ford GT winning drivers at the 2016 LeMans victory. He was also the 2016 GT350R Champion - plus much more to his resume.

Right - the Mini-Nats Ford Performance Award that Billy and Kristy Dawn awarded to 6S289.

Thanks Kristy Dawn and Billy! It's an honor.

Hey- only Billy signed it, why not Kristy Dawn...

1- 186.jpg

Two Classic American Mustangs -     


Shelby American GT350 Mustang (6S289)  North American P-51D Mustang.

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