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August 3, 1967 Ownership Certificate to transfer ownership of 6S289 from Comp Press to our family.

Family registration tags for 6S289

Last registration tag before 6S289 went to storage.The sticker is still attached as it was never placed on the license plate because 6S289 had begun the 28 year storage.

July 29, 1967 issue of Comp Press' Classified Ads (Partial). See second item down in the left-hand column. This is the issue and ad that my parents observed and acted upon that began my family's long history with 6S289. The car for sale in the ad is actually 6S290.

Close-up of the July 29, 1967 Comp Press Classified Ad for 6S290.

More registration tags for 6S289.

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Order Form for 6S289.

Invoice for 6S289 dated 11/4/65.

Shelby signed confirmation of 6S289's unique features. It is addressed "To you Russ and Mark."

Carroll Shelby signing the confirmation of 6S289's unique features (document to the left).

The items below sequentially document the history of SFM6S289 from the 1965 order form to the transfer of ownership to the signed documentation of the uniqueness of this G.T. 350.  

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