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January 2018 - Grand National Roadster Show. 

6S289 was chosen to be part of the special Gathering of American Muscle Car display. This was considered to be the gathering of the top 100 muscle cars in the nation. Photos to the right are from the event.

6S289 is packed up and ready to head home.
Participation gift I had signed by the team who put the gathering together.

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SearsPoint01_a - Caption A.jpg
Sears Point 07b - Caption - crop.jpg

The photos to the right were taken from within 6S289 at Sears Point Raceway at the same location on the track. The first photo was shot in December 1968 by the dad of the current owner of 6S289. The second photo was shot in August 2007 (39 years later) by the current owner of 6S289. The third photo was shot in August 2019 (50+ years after dad's first photo) by the current owner of 6S289. Thanks dad for taking the 1968 photo to begin with.

Garage Hi.jpg
GT350 - Vette Hi - crop.jpg

A familiar site in our garage in the sixties. 6S289 in 1969. These original parts are on 6S289 today. Notice dad's racing helmet on the roof. The neighbors loved the testing dad did after the work. NOT.

Around 1969. A unique photo of 6S289 nose to nose with a Corvette chassis in our driveway.


Mom's well-worn keys for 6S289 on the hood of 6S289. She gave me these, along with other 6S289 items, when we started the restoration. Thanks Mom.

Chris and Shelby.jpg

Left: 2005 - My son and I meeting Shelby at SAAC-30, when 6S289 was still in mom's garage 28 years.        Right: Recent photo of my son with 6S289. My kids love 6S289.

IMG_9876 - crop.jpg
6S289 Drive 50.jpg
IMG_9881 - R01.jpg
IMG_2996 crop.jpg

V I D E O - click car button above each description 

6S289 first engine run in 30 years. 

6S289 driving to Hot August Nights 2007.

6S289 leisurely drive on a mountain road.

August 2019 - 6S289 was chosen as 1 of the 17 2019 Muscle Car of the Year Finalist for the Good Guys organization from their car shows across the nation. 6S289 was not awarded the Muscle Car of the Year winner, but 1 of 17 isn't too bad.


Left: The award given to 6S289. I wanted to honor 6S289's heritage so I place my mom's well-worn keys for 6S289 on the left and the Comp Press & AutoWeek key chains my parents received when they purchased 6S289 in August, 1967 - over 52 years ago - on the right.  

Right: 6S289 from the Good Guys website.

Sept 2019: Ken Miles son, Peter, with me and 6S289.
May 2020: My 60th birthday gift. An authentic re-creation of the Shelby American 1965 team jacket - with 6S289.
Vinyl banner with the high-level timeline for 6S289. We gave a copy to Russ, which he hung in his office.

6S289 walk-around video.

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